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Come and join Bovington’s premier drinking, eating and dancing emporium

So we finally opened the doors in late September, and it has been amazing to see the support of the community.

New members are joining every day, both military and civilian, and the mix of all generations has made ‘The Legionnaire’ a fantastic local social hub. We knew it would be!

The bar staff have only positive comments to make of our members and guests. Watching you all enjoy a few drinks on a night out, engross yourselves in the Sky or BT Sports, dance the night away, or devour a freshly cooked meal with your friends and family, makes it all the worth while for us to have made this happen.

The chef is starting to receive the compliments we knew he would; his food being outstanding and fit for all pallets. Tracey and her bar staff will always welcome you with a smile, and the RBL Club Committee members will always be on hand to assist you joining the club and to answers  your questions.

The club can only grow from strength to strength with your continued support, and grow it will.

Thanks for your support to date, relaxed approach, great craic and British Legion spirit……..

Keep your eyes peeled for future events, and we look forward to seeing you all soon, as well as welcoming new members.

Warm Regards,

Jason, Dave and the Club Committee

Who can join the Legionnaire Club?

To answer two questions which seem to hold misconceptions and have popped up numerous times:

1. Civilians, whether veterans or those having never served a days service in their lives are just as welcome to join the Royal British Legion as anyone serving

2. Members of HM FORCES and in possession of a military ID card are not entitled to free RBL membership. They too, must also be RBL Branch members and if Bovington is your local area, then club members also

Please copy and past this and pass onto those who are not able to see this page; not everyone can. We have done a letterbox leaflet drop, but still not everyone is aware of how to join.
and join Bovington Branch.

Once joined, you then join the club for £5. Bring email, your membership card if issued or printed proof you have joined the RBL.
It’s that easy

The Club is opening

Preparation for Club opening

Dear Branch member,
The time of opening is almost upon us and to ensure the process of the joining the ‘Legionnaire’ is seamless, you are invited to apply for your Club membership before the doors have officially opened on 21 Sep.

The RAC Memorial Hall has been booked every night next week (apart from the weekend) 11 – 15 Sep from 1900-2100hrs.
The cost of Club membership will be £5 and that includes an initial joining fee of £2, payable only once. Yearly membership £3 there after. This will be cash only we do not have card facilities.

You are required to bring the following.
1. A Branch membership card (in date) OR if you have recently joined but awaiting your card, proof of membership. This would be in the form of the confirmation email or details provided from the RBL by post.
Your details will then be checked and once you have paid you will receive a Club sticker (placed on your membership card).
If you are still waiting for your card you will be issued with a temporary card until it arrives.

If you haven’t joined he Branch yet I would urge you to do so via the online system.
Just select ‘Bovington’ from the available Branches.

Don’t worry if you are unable to join before hand, this will be available on the night also.

It is hoped that by offering this to members it will help speed up the process and avoid delays in entering the Club.

Remember this is a private members Club and as such has particular restrictions imposed on it. You are not able to enter unless you have a fully paid up membership (both Branch and Club).

We are almost there and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Share far and wide.
Kind regards,
Terry Dove (Branch Chairman)
Jason Helas (Club Chairman)

Legionnaire Club Outside improvements

Plenty of work has been done outside of the club as well making an improved and safer access to the club

Legionnaire Club Improved Access

Legionnaire Club Improved Access

Patio area for enjoying the best of the weather in Bovington at the Royal British Legion club “The Legionnaire”

Legionnaire Club Patio Area

Legionnaire Club Patio Area

And just to keep you in the spirit of things to come some of the furnishings

Legionnaire Club Function Room Seating

Legionnaire Club Function Room Seating

Legionnaire Club Building Work

The last couple of months has seen a lot of hard work to transform what was The Clouds Hill into what is now the Legionnaire Club (The Royal British Legion Club Bovington) so here are some images showing the work in progress

Legionnaire Club Bar Area

Legionnaire Club Bar Area under construction

100 inch Sky Television so that you can watch all the latest sports

100 inch sky sports viewing screen

100 inch sky sports viewing screen

as well as this televison

Sky Sports Television

Sky Sports Television

A lot of work has been carried out in other areas offering possibly the smartest ladies and gents in the area and not forgetting somewhere to change the little ones

Ladies and Gents of best quality

Ladies and Gents of best quality

Baby Changing facilities

Baby Changing facilities

And lets not forget those old favourites such as the dart board

darts teams and pool teams welcome

darts teams and pool teams welcome

Plenty more to come

And when we said the smartest in the area, we really meant the smartest

The smartest toilets in Dorset

The smartest toilets in Dorset

Bovington Royal British Legion Club Website

This is the news section of the Bovington Royal British Legion Club. Upcoming events will be posted here

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